I write technology for a living, and the fact that a brilliant mind like Steve “Apple” Jobs makes for a very disturbing news bit so early in the morning. High priced or not, the products he came out with changed the face of how we use and perceive technology. I recently had a very moving conversation…

Green Without Envy

I discovered green apples out of pure curiosity, but I still don’t know if the red is better than its green step brother (it is cultivated as a hybrid fruit). However, I do know that it doesn’t oxidize as quickly as the red apple and its too tangy to eat all at one go.   This…

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say. A this is the one strong fruit that will take you a long way, what do you think?

An Apple for Everyday!

I received this beautiful shining Apple perfume as a gift, although the scent itself is nowhere close to the sweet nectar of the delicious fruit. A sweet fragrance like that would be just as welcome too, right?