Doctor Fishes

When you take a ride around the Madu river in Sri Lanka, there is a pit-stop at the cinnamon farm and a pedicure treatment with the Red Garra Rufa nibbling the dead skin from your feet. These fishes, as I have learnt, are native to Turkey, and the spa is banned in several US states…

Koi Mil Gaya

When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing – just sitting and looking at the sea, or watching the wind blowing the tree limbs, or waves rippling on a pond, a flickering candle or children playing in the park? ~Ralph Marston

Ray of Light

Soul mates. They really call themselves that, which makes sense, because I guess they are … They have no harsh edges with each other, no spiny conflicts, they ride though life like conjoined jellyfish – expanding and contracting instinctively, filling each other’s spaces liquidly. Making it look easy. ~Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Freshly Caught

For some reason in Bombay, Sunday is the best day to have seafood. While it is a fishermen’s home town, because the fast pace of the city, pin boning and cleaning becomes a painful activity. So Sundays, the day off for most working people, becomes the best day for devouring a seafood meal piping hot!

Adventure Inc

As I put in the mountain post a few days ago, I was reminded on the time I turned 30. Newly alone, it was my first solo trip and a self- discovery of sorts. As the weekly photo challenge topic popped into my mail box, left me thinking; who is my beloved? The perception of…